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News, Sports And Travel Apps Spotted In Windows 8 Release Preview

In the latest leaked build of the Windows 8 Release Preview, expected to be made available in June, three new Metro apps have been spotted. As earlier rumours suggested, the News, Sports and Travel packages are highly likely to be included in the final package.

The information has been extracted from an 8400 build of Windows 8, and just like the Finance app which was already included in the client, these three new Metro apps will deliver content from trusted sources using RSS feeds.

The tiles of these applications were designed to meet Metro's simplicity standards, and represent a newspaper, a traveling suitcase and four sport balls symbolising football, baseball, basketball and American football (or to give it its proper English name, rugby).

Last week several details regarding the Photos, Mail, Calendar, People and Messaging applications were also leaked, revealing the fact that Microsoft is looking to improve and refine the existing range of built-in software for Windows. Signs of the News, Sports and Travel apps have existed since then, but details on how these will actually work were left unknown.

All of these applications are going to be included in the last milestone before Windows 8 launches, entitled Release Preview.

This version is expected to be released in the first week of June, alongside a new upgrading offer from Microsoft that will apply to all those purchasing a Windows 7 PC.

Source: WinUnleaked