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Nokia Shows Off Smarter Apps

In the latest round of Dare to Live, Nokia has taken to the streets of the UK and whilst smoking some BlackBerry smartphones on the way, embarked on its goal of marketing a new breed of software: Smarter Apps.

These applications only require a couple of touch gestures to perform daily tasks, such as checking in with Foursquare, sharing content on Facebook as well as other services.

There are quite a few Smarter Apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace, with Groupon, Wikitude, Flickr, Evernote, The Weather Channel, Allrecipes, AccuWeather and Tango Video calls being amongst those featured.

The complete list can be found on the official page and includes several categories including Games, Music & Entertainment, Health & Fitness, Travel, Shopping, Social, News and numerous others. Some Nokia exclusive apps can be categorised as Smarter, including CNN, ESPN, Creative Studio, Highlights, Nokia Drive and Maps.

Let's not forget, Microsoft's success with Smoked by Windows Phone aka Dare to Live UK is mainly due these kind of applications, which simply cannot be beaten by regular clients found on other mobile operating systems.

Microsoft won't throw itself into a battle that it cannot win, and the platform's recent success has been also improved by the Nokia Lumia 900, a smartphone which sells better than the HTC One X in the US and even the iOS in some regions.

Source: YouTube