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OmniVision Reveals 16 Megapixel CameraChip Sensors Offering 4K2K Video

OmniVision has unveiled its latest innovation for digital video cameras and high-end smartphones, in the form of two 16 megapixel CameraChip sensors.

The OV16820 and OV16825 support 16 megapixel burst photography, and are capable of recording Quad Full High Definition - 4K2K video, double the resolution of HD both vertically and horizontally - at a fluid 60 frames per second, no less.

OmniVision has produced the sensors using 1.34 micron OmniBSI-2 pixel architecture.

Devang Patel, senior product marketing manager at OmniVision, commented: "It was an industry-wide assumption that smartphones would cut into DSC/DVC [Digital Still Camera/Digital Video Camera] sales; but at higher resolutions, we're seeing a very distinct divide between the two markets and both remain strong.

"Industry experts have observed that mainstream DSC products are shifting to 16-megapixel resolutions and are offering improved image quality and optics. The OV16820 supports such offerings, allowing DSC/DVC manufacturers to provide consumers a high-resolution, feature-rich point and shoot photography experience, while the OV16825 provides top-tier imaging and video recording capabilities for flagship smartphones."

The sensors can actually step up the resolution to 4608 x 3456, albeit at a less smooth 30 frames per second. Equally, if cranked down to 1080p resolution, they have the benefit of extra pixels which are available for image stabilisation purposes.

It'll be a while before we see smartphones with such technology on board, however. The sensors are expected to begin volume production in the final quarter of this year.