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Samsung Chromebox Appears Online, Costs £330

It appears that Samsung and Google will soon roll out a new product range based on Google's Chrome OS called the Chromebox, one which appeared earlier this year at CES.

The device was spotted in a video from US-based retailer Tigerdirect and will include a dual core Intel Celeron processor clocked at 1.9GHz, 4GB DDR3 RAM, Wi-Fi, six USB ports, 16GB onboard storage and a design that looks like the Lenovo Idea Centre Q180.

The box should be launched at Google I/O and will be available shortly for around $330 (roughly £200). This is a good price compared to other x86 devices based either on AMD or Intel chips.

However, given that Android-based media boxes can be had for around £100, the Chromebox will have a tough time trying to find a thriving niche away from devices that already use the ARMDroid platform - Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich combined with a dual core Cortex-A9 processor.

Why not check the article I've just written on Chrome OS entitled "Why Windows RT Will Kill Chrome OS & Why It's An Excellent Thing For Google" or the one produced by Stuart called "Does Chrome OS have a future". Not very heart warming if you're a Chrome OS fan though but we'd still want to hear from you.

Source : Engadget