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Samsung Galaxy S3 Has A Polycarbonate Case

The anticipation and excitement surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been massive, and the latest news from Samsung is only going to enhance that.

Samsung has confirmed that the casing of the Galaxy S3 is not just regular plastic, but polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate covers the entirety of the Galaxy S3 case, including the battery cover.

"Polycarbonate is used on the battery cover," Samsung revealed. "Polycarbonate is lightweight, solid and is already being widely used in the mobile industry.

"It was chosen as the best material to represent the minimal organic design of GALAXY S III. Using three layers of high quality, pure and clear polycarbonate, not only is the phone’s aesthetic elevated, but the durability and scratch resistance is maximized."

Polycarbonate is a premium material used to provide extra strength and durability, whilst not increasing the weight of the device.

The material is around 300 times stronger than average plastic.

Whilst the Samsung Galaxy S3 will still have a 'plasticky' look and feel to it, you can be safe in the knowledge that really, it's much stronger then that.

Source: Phone Arena