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Samsung Galaxy S3’s Design Wasn’t Affected By Patent War Against Apple

The South Korean tech giant recently defended the Galaxy S3's design, after media reports were suggesting that Samsung tweaked smartphone's design to avoid more legal conflict with Apple.

Samsung design VP, Chang Dong-Hoon, denied such information and explained that the legal war between Apple and Samsung had nothing to do with the current version of the top Galaxy smartphone.

"Our change in smartphone design is part of a five-year plan, not a sudden turn-around," said Chang Dong-Hoon for iNews24. "During this time, the design concept has been continuously adapted to new trends and it was not a sudden change following the patent war."

He also couldn't waste the opportunity to announce that Samsung was the market leader when it comes to the devices' design innovation. The Samsung executive specifically referred to the curved shape of Galaxy S3, which he said, was selected after testing many variations.

Previous reports reveal that the South Korean company is being very careful not to step on Apple's toes when it comes to smartphone appearance.

The two companies have been fighting for more than a year in 30 lawsuits in courts across four continents. The CEOs of the two companies have recently participated in settlement talks.

Source: Inews24

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