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Samsung Now Says Galaxy S3 Won’t Support 42Mbps DC-HSPA

It seems that the Galaxy S III, which is due out in the UK next week, won't support 42Mbps DC-HSPA after all.

DC-HSPA is 3G improved, or 3.5G if you like, which O2 has already begun to roll out, with other UK networks to follow. Samsung had said that the S III would support this standard for speedy UK surfing and streaming, as we reported at the end of last week.

Now the news has come through that this announcement was made in error. Samsung has told CNET that the smartphone won't in fact boast DC-HSPA. Just the LTE version of the phone will support Dual Channel HSPA, and that model is only going to be sold in markets where 4G LTE has already begun deployment.

Unfortunately in the UK, that won't be until next year, after the much delayed auction gets underway (although Everything Everywhere is pushing to use its 1800MHz spectrum at the end of 2012 to get a head start on other networks).

So if you want the fastest possible mobile surfing experience in the UK next week, you might have to look towards Nokia's Lumia 900, which does support 42Mbps (providing you're on O2, of course).

Although we can't imagine that many Android fans and potential S III buyers are going to defect to Nokia and Microsoft over the issue. Still, it's a slight disappointment nonetheless...


Source: CNET