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T-Mobile USA CEO Pleased With Windows Phone Sales

The Seattle Times recently held an interview with Philipp Humm, T-Mobile's chief executive officer of the US division, who had only good things to say about the sale numbers of Windows Phone handsets.

The interview was mainly based on T-Mobile's transition and what future plans the company holds for the mobile world, but when it came to Windows Phone, Humm stated that the company's commitment this year with Microsoft's mobile platform has worked out great.

When asked about how well Windows Phone sales are going, Philipp Humm replied: "We are so far quite pleased and I think Microsoft, if you talk to them, [is] quite pleased with T-Mobile."

Apparently, T-Mobile customers purchasing smartphones for the first time enjoy the simplicity of Microsoft's user interface and the general ease that comes with the design. Just as the Redmond-based company hoped, Metro can be seen as a different approach - with some users enjoying the idea of being different.

T-Mobile USA is considered to be the country's second most important carrier to offer Windows Phone, after AT&T. The company has been in business with Microsoft since the launch of HTC HD7 and the Dell Venue Pro, while recently offering the HTC Radar and the Nokia Lumia 710 as exclusive handsets.

As well as T-Mobile, AT&T bragged that Windows Phone sales have exceeded expectations and the flagship Lumia 900 is selling far better than the HTC One X.

Source: Seattle Times