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TiVo Streaming Coming To iOS

TiVo Premiere owners will be able to stream shows to their iPhones and iPads by the end of the summer, as the TV service provider prepares to launch a brand new device for iOS.

TiVo Stream, which transcodes content for viewing on mobile devices, was announced during the 2012 NCTA Cable Show in Boston. The company also unveiled a new IP-based set-top box which delivers TiVo content to other TVs in your home.

The ability to stream a DVR's content to an iPhone or iPad can be found on other devices, but Tivo say that Tivo Stream is unique in that it will let you watch a recorded show on multiple devices without affecting what's being watched on the TV.

Tivo also commented that the product will have support for transferring a recorded show to an iOS device, enabling "viewing outside the home."

The company did not reveal specific availability or pricing for the item, but CEO Yom Rogers claimed in February that it would arrive "by the end of the summer".

No details as to whether the product will be on sale in the UK (where Tivo's userbase, via Virgin Media), is growing.

Source: zdnet, Photo: The Verge