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Windows Phone 8 'Leaked' Concepts Reveals Significant Changes?

A collection of sketches of the upcoming Windows Phone 8 has been leaked, revealing numerous changes to the user interface. These "improvements" mainly affect the way the user will perceive multitasking, tile grouping, the lockscreen and other elements of the OS.

First of all, some pictures suggest that multitasking will bring the currently used application to the forefront of the screen, but will not occupy the entire display.

Unlike what Microsoft demonstrated with Metro, this style implies that quick access to some applications is going to be featured by showing smaller titles below the main panel, while toggles of the Wi-Fi, lockscreen and others will be shown above it.

Tile grouping was also captured, alongside a "Close" button for all multitasking apps and the ability to customise live tiles by using a button found in the upper-corner of each icon on the Start screen.

Group tiles have also been modified and, supposedly, they now look pretty much the same as Android folders, where an additional window is displayed whenever the group icon is selected.

Take all the information with a pinch of salt, as apparently, the lockscreen even features Google's map service instead of Microsoft's own creation: Bing - a move which is without a doubt, false.

Other features have also been modified, such as the People Hub, how tiles are shown on the Start screen, how applications are sorted as well as many more.

However, not everyone is convinced by the leak, with many sceptical in that it could just be completely fan made.

Source: Insideris