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60TB Disk Drives On The Horizon

Despite the increased prevalence of solid state drives, the hard disk drive industry is expected to continue to grow, according to market research firm IHS iSuppli.

And the maximum areal density of HDDs, and consequently their storage capacity, is expected to multiply over the next few years, the firm revealed in a report published earlier this week.

Drive density is expected to more than double, with hard drive manufacturer Seagate claiming it aims to be able to produce 60TB 3.5in drives by 2016. The company currently produces the world's biggest hard disk, which features platters with a density of 625 Gbits per square inch for a total storage capacity of 4TB.

As for laptop drives, they are expected to reach up to 20TB in storage space by that time.

Increased disk density will likely lead to sustained growth in the disk drive market, IHS iSuppli claims. "In particular, growth opportunities will lie in applications associated with mass enterprise storage requirements, gaming, and in digital video recorders (DVRs) where massive capacity is required to store high-definition video", wrote IHS storage analyst Fang Zhang.