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70 Per Cent Of Carriers Believe It's Time To Launch 4G

Reports from the LTE World Summit reveal that 70 per cent of worldwide carriers believe it's time for LTE 4G services, to reach a wider range of consumers.

The majority of operators are planning to release LTE services by the end of this year, confident that the technology has now reached global momentum. LTE technology has already won the support of some of the world's topl carriers like Verizon Wireless (US), NTT DoCoMo (Japan), and AT&T (US).

These carriers employed a successful strategy to raise the users' interest.

"Most of the operators that have been successful in signing up LTE subscribers have decided not to charge a premium for 4G access, but instead are bundling it into existing data plans" said Paul Lambert, Senior Analyst at Informa Telecoms & Media, explaining the business model of the LTE carriers.

"When operators have done this, and effectively communicated the benefits 4G offers, market reaction has been very positive," he added.

Users have already noticed the LTE benefits, such as the increased download and upload speeds, but also faster response time for video streaming.

Analysts who are looking ahead to try and predict the market trends suggests that by 2017, the number of devices connected on LTE networks will pass the 1 billion mark.

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