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£99.99 Sony SX15 Black Camcorder

The Sony SX15 is a lightweight and compact camcorder with 2.7in LCD screen, powerful zoom, auto and manual focus, image stabilisation is a great option for starters who want to get their hands onto capturing fun videos.

Capable of 50 x optical zoom and 2000 x digital zoom, the SX15 can capture the finest details of your subject and is great for capturing far away objects as well. The SX15 can be set to auto focus mode which is more or less a hassle free recording option. Just select the option and let the camcorder do the rest.

With 10 special effects, you can add more fun to your videos and with image stabilisation you don't need to worry about shaky hands as SX15 will ensure that the blur due to hand movements is negated and images come out crisp and clear. The camcorder also has Wind noise reduction feature.

The 2.7 inch screen will allow you to preview photos and videos right there and then on the camcorder so you exactly know whether the capture images are perfect or not. The screen makes navigation of the menu system quite easy and intuitive.

You can plug in a SD / SDHC memory card for extra storage and can capture videos of 1 hour and 50 minutes duration.

The Sony SX15 Black Camcorder is available from eBay for £99.99.