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Apple And Samsung Settlement Talks Fail

The recent settlement talks between Apple and Samsung executives was bound to fail, says analysts.

The settlement conference was ordered by a US District Judge in San Jose last month, as a last resort to make the two rivals shake hands and make up after a year-long legal war that dominated media reports across the world.

Prior to the meeting, Apple and Samsung were engaged in fight talks rather than finding common ground. Apple accused Samsung of destroying evidence relevant to the patent infringement lawsuits.

Meanwhile, Samsung executives told the local media that Apple's allegations about stealing iPhone design concepts were "preposterous." With this in mind, high power executives from the two companies met on 22nd and 23rd May.

Apple was represented by Chief Executive Officer, Tim Cook, whilst the South Korean company was led by Samsung CEO, Choi Gee-sung, and Shin Jong-kyun, head of the firm's mobile division.

This corporate therapy didn't quite go to plan though. Samsung's executives suggested that there is a number of potential peace-making options, including cross licensing. The two rivals, however, failed to reach an agreement.

Source: Korea Times

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