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Apple Could Introduce Voice Dictation To Mac Users

With Siri, Apple tapped into a new way of human-computer interaction, but now it's time to take this feature to the next level - with Dictation, a component of Siri brought to the iPad.

Now though, Apple seems to be ready to take the voice input features a little further. According to recently published reports, Apple plans to bring Dictation to Mac users.

Developers found this clue in the resource file, hidden inside the latest version of Safari, relating to the upcoming version of OS X Mountain Lion. To use Dictation, users will have to press both command keys simultaenously, since they don't have the option to touch the already notorious microphone icon on a virtual keyboard or touch screen.

The current beta version of OS X Mountain Lion does not offer functional Dictation yet. Apart from this hidden clue, there's no proof that Apple will bring this feature to Mac users but it looks like the engineers in Cupertino are working on it.

Apple is expected to further deploy voice technology, which has already been successful amongst its users. It remains to be seen if the rumoured powerful and sleek new range of MacBook Pros will benefit from this technology.

Source: 9to5Mac

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