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Apple Gets Approval For Fuel Cell Facility

Earlier this week, the North Carolina Utilities Commision granted Apple the required certificate to build a fuel cell facility next to its $1 billion (£638 million) data centre in Maiden, North Carolina.

Upon completion, the complex is believed to be the greenest in the world in its category. Apple's clean energy solution relies on 24 hydrogen-based Energy Servers, provided by Californian company, Bloom Energy.

In addition to the fuel cell facility, Apple will also build a massive mega-watt solar farm, also the largest privately owned facility of its kind in the US. According to recent reports, Apple is working with renewable energy organisations to increase the North Carolina green energy supply.

The iPad maker has a ten-year long tradition of relying on renewable energy. The company's operations in Texas have been using green energy for a decade.

However, the most influential environmental organisation in the world, Greenpeace, still reports that Apple needs to improve its attitude to environment. Greenpeace has started the "Clean our Cloud" movement, requesting iCloud data centres not to be fuelled "by the smog of dirty coal pollution."

Earlier this month, Apple announced that this will not be the case, as iCloud will only rely on renewable energy.

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