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Bluetooth 4.0 MetaWatch Is Available For iPhone And Android

Meta Watch just announced its new smartwatch platform relying on Bluetooth 4.0, the low energy standard. The watches have dedicated iOS and Android apps, allowing the users to see notifications on the display regarding phone calls, text messages or emails.

The watches feature a 96 x 96 pixels LCD display, which can virtually receive any information, it's only up to the developers to come up with innovating ideas and useful apps.

The watch, still in the development stage, sports six programmable buttons, a 3-axis accelerometer, vibrating motor and ambient light sensor.

The gadgets are available for $199 (£127), in black or white. The manufacturer has announced that the smartwatches are only shipping to the US and Europe.

Companies are increasingly interested in developing wearable gadgetry, which could provide an even better interaction with technology. As reported previously, Apple has its own plans in this emerging industry.

Apple is looking to develop an iPod with curved glass that can be wrapped around the user's wrist and it could employ Siri's capabilities. Probably, the most expected device in this category is Google's long-rumoured Project Glass, the spectacles expected to deliver a full augmented reality experience.

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