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Future Nokia PureView Won’t Stick With 41 Megapixel Sensor

The Nokia 808 PureView smartphone may not be out just yet - it's due at the end of the month - but talk has already turned to what the future of the range may be.

When news first emerged of the PureView, it caused quite a stir with its 41 megapixel camera. Folks were immediately drawn to its promise of pixel oversampling, and high quality large images, which can be zoomed in to reveal more detail, then cropped down. The camera's 1080p video recording with 4X lossless zoom didn't hurt, either.

Unfortunately, the downside to the 808 PureView is that Nokia coupled it with Symbian, not the most attractive OS offering these days, to say the least.

Vesa Jutila, Head of Product Marketing for the device, has been talking about the future of PureView, although he didn't address the question on everyone's lips - whether the super-camera would be brought on board a Windows Phone handset soon.

When that will happen still remains unclear - and the last we heard, such a union might not take place until 2013. Jutila did, however, say that the future holds the possibility of slimmer PureView handsets. That's good news, as the bulk the camera adds might be one of the reasons it can't be seen on Windows Phone, looking bad compared to Microsoft's svelte high-end smartphone rivals.

Apparently development of the next-generation of Nokia camera sensors is well underway, and Jutila noted that the 808's technology was first conceived in 2007. He also added that the future PureView smartphone wouldn't necessarily utilise the same 41 megapixel sensor as the 808.

Whatever happens, the sooner PureView can hook up with Windows Phone, the better for both Microsoft and Nokia. As that will be a considerable driver of sales for Microsoft's mobile OS.

Source: Engadget