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Google Launches New Search App For iPhone

Google has launched a new search app for your iPhone, boasting a redesigned interface, a graphically enhanced image search and slicker navigation.

Showing the company's commitment to iOS devices as well as Android, the Google Search app represents a significant overhaul from its predecessor, though the iPad version is still awaiting its redesign.

Google's Official Blog ran through the feature's updates, which includes "significantly faster" autocompletion and page loading, as well as a slide-in panel allowing the user to swipe back and forth between multiple pages. Tapping the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen finds specific text within a webpage.

With practicality covered, the visual experience has been improved with image searches bringing up high-resolution pictures that load into a full-screen grid. Results can be perused by scrolling down the grid, or tapping on a single image to get details about it and swiping from image to image. The user can also tap and hold to share with a friend, or to save the image to their camera roll and use as a wallpaper.