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Google May Release 7in Tablet This Summer

A new rumour suggests Google may be preparing to launch a 7in tablet in June. The company is set to initially ship 600,000 units of the device, which was co-developed with Asus, Digitimes reports. The company hopes to see that number approach 2.5 million by the end of 2012.

Though both Google and Asus have yet to make any official comment, the rumour comes to Digitimes from "sources from the upstream supply chain".

The budget tablet was originally set for a May release, but was allegedly pushed back to account for design and cost adjustments, the site reports.

In December 2011, Google chairman Eric Schmidt hinted that the company had plans to release a tablet within a six-month window. That timeline gives plausibility to this latest rumour. Google aims to "market a tablet of the highest quality", Schmidt told an Italian newspaper.

Android tablets have had a difficult time encroaching on Apple iPad's territory, but this entry-level device could be exactly what the market needs in terms of going head-to-head with Apple's popular tablet.

This is because many expect that tablet to cost under $200 and sport features capable of rivalling Apple's iPad tablet (at least the older iPad 2) as well as the Amazon Kindle tablet.

Source: Digitimes