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Google Set To Seriously Develop Motorola Devices

As you've most likely seen, Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion (£7.9 billion) has just been officially signed and sealed, but the financial outlay doesn't end there for the search giant.

Google has made its intention to invest heavily in the company clear, with executive chairman Eric Schmidt discussing the firm's plans for Motorola at the Big Tent conference.

It's already been noted that the appointment of veteran Googler Dennis Woodside as CEO of the newly acquired company marks the fact that the big G intends to play Motorola's cards closer to its chest than analysts first thought.

When the deal first came to light last year, surprising many industry observers, the major reason cited for the purchase was Motorola's massive 17,000 patent library, which can be utilised to help defend Android from legal attack. But apparently Google is set to develop Motorola and push its devices going forward, and the purchase wasn't just a patent hoovering move, according to Schmidt.

He said that the brand will continue under the Motorola name, and that "there will be more investment in Motorola devices under the Motorola brand and a lot more investment in Android."

Google really getting behind Motorola may perhaps worry other major Android vendors such as Samsung and HTC, who could fear favouritism when it comes to Moto's devices and OS updates, for example.

Although there are benefits for Samsung and HTC, too, in terms of the aforementioned patent ammunition Google has picked up, which will doubtless be used to help defend Android partners from Apple's legal fire.

Source: Techradar