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Google Voice creator's conference call service wins startup competition

A conference call startup created by the inventor of Google Voice was awarded the top prize at TechCrunch Disrupt's Startup Battlefield yesterday.

With Uberconference, which the company confidently describes as "the best conference calling service ever", Craig Walker hopes to reinvent conference calling. Walker, who currently heads Google Ventures company FireSpotter Labs, observed that the stagnant audio conferencing industry means conference calls are often as complicated and inefficient today as they were decades ago.

Some of the service's notable features include a visual display indicating which caller is speaking and the ability to mute certain participants.

Uberconference is currently available for free but the company will soon "offer a premium version of the service with more features and different pricing options."

The startup enters a very crowded field with the likes of Skype and Google (with hangouts) vying to crack the video conference market open.

A new product from German telecommunications company DeutscheTelekom hopes to reinvent video conferencing in the enterprise environment. The service, which was launched in November of 2011 in partnership with a startup called Blue Jeans Network, integrates existing services like Skype and Google Talk with a web-based interface to simplify business videoconferencing.