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ITProPortal Evening Roundup 24-05-12

Sources claim that the final milestone before Windows 8 arrives, known as Release Preview, should be made available for download on 1st June. With previous rumours reporting it to be released around this time, it seems that Microsoft has finished testing and may unveil the service soon.

As the release date for the next iPhone is still months away, Apple enthusiasts who pay attention to the rumours, have already started to place their bets on the next iPhone's appearance. After a French designer imagined an eye-catching Liquidmetal iPhone 5, now it's time for a German to put his skills to the test.

The recent settlement talks between Apple and Samsung executives was bound to fail, says analysts. The settlement conference was ordered by a US District Judge in San Jose last month, as a last resort to make the two rivals shake hands and make up after a year-long legal war that dominated media reports across the world.

A developing contract between Activision Blizzard and Bungie has been posted online, showing interesting details about a future MMO title to be featured exclusively on Microsoft's Xbox 360 and its next-generation console: the Xbox 720. The contract is signed between two of the world's most renowned gaming companies, responsible for producing titles such as Diablo, Warcraft, StarCraft, World of Warcraft and Halo.

Earlier this week, the North Carolina Utilities Commision granted Apple the required certificate to build a fuel cell facility next to its $1 billion (£638 million) data centre in Maiden, North Carolina. Upon completion, the complex is believed to be the greenest in the world in its category. Apple's clean energy solution relies on 24 hydrogen-based Energy Servers, provided by Californian company, Bloom Energy.