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ITProPortal Morning Roundup 24-05-12

Dell's quest to reinvent itself as a company with a wider range of software and services hit its first setback as the company's first quarter results fell well below expectations and its outlook was weak. The multinational technology firm will be particularly concerned by its negative growth in key areas: large enterprise revenue fell three per cent, public sector sales were down four per cent, and consumer revenue plummeted by a whopping 12 per cent.

Facebook's quest for further advertising is reaching new corners of the globe, as the company prepares to open a new office in Dubai next week. The draw is the Gulf Cooperation Council, or GCC, which Facebook hopes will supply a bevy of new advertisers from the region.

The latest stress test on the third generation iPad seems rather cruel, but relevant for what Apple's tablet can take without breaking. The boys and girls from ZooGue have found an intriguing way to promote their iPhone and iPad case business. They sealed the third generation iPad in a bag filled with water and left the bag in a freezer. Through the transparent cover of the bag, and a few inches of ice, we could see the frozen new iPad still working.

One of the tricks Windows 8 will be able to perform is a very fast start-up cycle, where the operating system will boot in a manner of seconds. Now, Microsoft has stepped up to detail how this process will actually work and what has been modified in the past months. Chris Clark, a program manager of Microsoft's User Experience team, talked about the fact that Windows 8 boots so fast that it became a problem - one that affected interruptions and the overall experience.

GAME has announced that GAMEfest 2012 will not be going ahead as initially planned, but has added the caveat that it may return in 2013. GAMEfest debuted for the first time in 2011 and was a pretty impressive show, letting gamers try out some of the upcoming games - though the queues were monstrous.