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John Carmack Thinks Next-Gen Will Still Use 30Hz

Head of id Software and mastermind of titles such as Doom, RAGE, Wolfenstein 3D and more, John Carmack, has dropped a hint that has opened up the next-generation of consoles for a lot more speculation.

While PC gamers have been enjoying 60 frames per second and more for quite some time, console users are often left languishing around the 30FPS range. One of the big hopes for the next-generation is that 60FPS will become more of a standard, but John Carmack seems to disagree.

"There will still be lots of 30hz games, which I don't think it is a good trade. If TVs didn't add lag, it would be more clear cut," he said on his official Twitter.

Whether this is just a bit of speculation from the developer or if he knows something we don't is unknown at this point. It could suggest that early on in the next-generation of consoles, while developers learn to work with the new hardware, that frame rates will sill remain in the 30 per second range.

Certainly some of the statements by Epic Games, suggesting that the next-gen needs to absolutely blow gamers away graphically, could mean that frame rates will suffer due to heavier aesthetic features. Then again, perhaps that's why consoles like the Xbox 720 and PS4 aren't showing up until next year, to provide powerful enough hardware to avoid any issues.

Maybe it'll only be the Wii U outputting at 30FPS? What do you think?

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