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Larry Page: Future Of Smartphones Difficult To Predict

Larry Page has been talking about the future of smartphones at the Zeitgeist conference this week.

Unfortunately, the Google CEO didn't have a huge amount to say, not in terms of predicting specific advances in technology, anyway. He noted that it's difficult even for industry insiders to guess where the phone market will be in five or more years time.

Page observed: "I think that the pace of change is really accelerating. You know there are more devices being sold every day than there ever has been and that people are more interested in them and spending more money on them and everything else."

Right, Larry. Yes, we knew.

He added: "I think it's very exciting that everyone in the world is going to get a smartphone now. And for most people in the world it's going to be their first computer."

A fair point about how mobiles, and cheap smartphones, will change the technological landscape. Yesterday, Eric Schmidt was also talking about how bringing the internet to every corner of the globe will revolutionise the world in terms of political, social and economic spheres.

So, what was Page's big prediction for smartphones by 2017? Simply that they will become much more robust, so we won't have to worry about dropping and breaking them.

He said: "I don't think in five years' time where if I drop my phone it's going to splatter into pieces because it's basically a thin piece of glass. I'm sure that's not going to be the case!"

Other than that, he wasn't forthcoming with much else.

Source: Techradar