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Metro Version Of Internet Explorer 10 Coming With Flash

Previously touting the Metro environment as a plug-in free system, Microsoft has changed its mind and decided to integrate Flash support into Internet Explorer 10, at least for some tasks.

The decision has not been announced by officials but the latest leaks show that traces of Flash support for the Metro version of IE10 have been found in a Windows 8 Release Preview build.

It seems that the software giant is currently integrating Flash directly into the browser but only to be used in certain cases. This will allow the upcoming version to preserve battery life as well as enhance security and reliability whilst the user browses within the Metro interface.

Microsoft originally stated that its Metro browser will be a plug-in free environment mostly relying on the fact that HTML5 is slowly replacing the need for Flash across the web.

This change of heart may have happened due to some websites not being quite ready for HTML5, whilst a certain amount of Flash content needs to be rendered to ensure a decent browsing experience for Windows 8 users.

Perhaps more details on this modification and exactly what types of content Microsoft will choose to render with Flash will be announced when Windows 8 Release Preview launches, in June. Microsoft may as well remove this limited support with an update, once HTML5 takes over bigger portions of the web.

Source: WinUnleaked