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The Nation's Ultimate Checklist For The London 2012 Olympics

Behind every great event there's one enormous checklist reflecting the planning, testing and re-testing involved. As soon as London was awarded the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, BT pulled together a crack team of predictors and got to work on what may well be the biggest checklist the communications world has ever seen.

The starting point? Our customers need BT to keep things business as usual plus, in many cases, to provide a bit more to help deal with the expected impacts (positive and negative) of the Games.

We're ready and waiting to support our customers, and all set to play our part in London 2012 as official communications partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Here's a taste of our checklist: Business continuity ready for anything. We've tested, and re-tested. We've run through scenarios both likely and a little off-the-wall. We've implemented additional controls on core IT and network changes during Games time to offer extra protection to our service; it'll be business as usual for provision and repair, but major changes will only take place around Games time.

People plans. working out the best ways of keeping the BT teams we need active, mobile and effective. We've looked at holidays, travel arrangements, work locations, how best to handle meetings and use flexible working to the max.

Smart engineering in the field. We're always ready to overcome weather, traffic and access problems to deliver services as expected. We've extended that to make sure our field force of over 25,000 engineers are prepared - identifying alternative working locations, making the most of working flexible hours and working remotely, rescheduling maintenance routines and planned works to avoid peak Games-time, as well as boosting network resilience prior to London 2012. We've also created smaller engineering teams responsible for reduced geographical areas to make sure our people on the ground know exactly what's going on in their area - and can work round it.

Security. Rigorous audits helped us plan extra measures. We've tested and proved power capacity under load and network diversity, and we've examined resilience at key nodes across London and the UK. And we've worked with the police to make sure all relevant BT buildings, access-holes and street cabinets are searched and secure.

Service provision. We've worked with customers, including service providers and others such as the BBC to understand requirements for core services such as broadband, wi-fi and mobile. We're confident we can both meet this demand and continue to provide products and services to standard lead times.

Plus a little extra - we've put resources in place to cope with above usual demand from customers needing information, help and advice during Games time.