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New iPhone 5 Concept Looks Real And Stunning

As the release date for the next iPhone is still months away, Apple enthusiasts who pay attention to the rumours, have already started to place their bets on the next iPhone's appearance.

After a French designer imagined an eye-catching Liquidmetal iPhone 5, now it's time for a German to put his skills to the test. Toby Kick, the creative director at iTopNews, has tried to combine all worthy iPhone 5 rumours, and he came up with a realistic 3D design of the device.

He believes that the sixth generation iPhone will feature a narrower frame, a larger screen and an aluminium back. This is conclusive with reports pointing out that Liquidmetal technology will not be ready for mass production in time for the iPhone 5 release.

The rumoured 4in display with its high resolution would allow the home screen to host a fifth row of icons. The German designer thinks the next iPhone will have a slimmer body, of only 7.1 mm and a smaller dock connector.

He also is sure that Apple will finally release an LTE enabled iPhone.

Source: Itopnews

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