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New S Pen Slot And Quad-Core Exynos Processor Added To Galaxy Note 10.1

A sigh of relief has been heard from Android users, as pictures featuring the Galaxy Note 10.1 have revealed that Samsung redesigned the tablet in the last few months.

The South Korean company has allowed visitors at this year's edition of Mobile World Congress, to take a sneak peak at the device. The fans were then surprised to see that the manufacturer has left out a slot for a special stylus.

The newly released pictures show that meanwhile, Samsung has added an S Pen holster inside the tablet. The stylus itself has been redesigned and is now slimmer.

For the users who prefer to grasp onto something more sturdy looking, the company came up with a pen holder. Android fans who saw the new stylus, believe that it also features an eraser function, as seen at the Barcelona event earlier this year.

Samsung also decided to integrate the quad-core Exynos processor into its new tablet. The model unveiled briefly at MWC featured a dual-core processor with Exynos 4210 SoC circuitry, so the company added one more surprise.

As we've suggested earlier, Samsung did manage to develop a device with double the performance of the previous models. The Galaxy Note 10.1 could really bite off a chunk out of the iPad's market share.

Source: TabletCommunity

See the Galaxy Note 10.1 slideshow below, pictures taken by Rob, our mobile editor.


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