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Rickroll Meme Taken Down, Reinstated Following Copyright Complaint

Back in 1987, the world witnessed the 80s sensation of Rick Astley and his catchy hit, 'Never Gonna Give You Up'. Fast forward 20 years later, and his record was resurrected in the form of a meme on the infamous 4Chan site - but it was its appearance on April Fools' Day in 2008 that really got the world hooked, after YouTube tricked its viewers through the infamous 'rickroll' campaign, whereby users clicking on a video on the front page were redirected to Astley's chart-topping video.

However, YouTube's rickrolling days have come to an end, after the video was pulled by AVG Technologies from the site yesterday over a copyright complaint.

Needless to say, some Astley addicts were less than pleased by the move: "Taking down a five-year-old video with tens of millions of views is strange enough, but it is far from clear why AVG Technologies-the people behind AVG Anti-Virus-would want to do so at all," wrote enigmax.

But for all those who were gonna give up on their beloved 80s crooner, good news - after being blocked for 24 hours, the video is now back on the site (with its melody stuck in our heads on repeat).

Whilst many are no doubt relieved at the reinstated video, one YouTube user cleverly points out the following: "Lol We just got RickRoll'D by an AntiVirus corp."