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Samsung Fixes S Voice Leak in Galaxy S3 By Blocking App

Samsung has moved to block the leaked S Voice app which emerged earlier this week.

As we reported on Tuesday, S Voice is one of the pieces of software designed exclusively for the imminent Galaxy S III. Yet an XDA member, "PlaYOuT", managed to extract the S Voice software and leak it online, allowing any Android user to benefit from the Siri style service.

Samsung wasn't impressed, naturally, and has now stopped S Voice from working on these Android phones. The Verge confirmed that the handset they originally tested the leaked app on, which worked just fine previously, is now non-functional, producing a "network error" message.

Samsung also made it clear that the leak was of an "initial test version", so if performance didn't seem quite on par, that gives them an excuse of course. We shall see how S Voice performs next week, anyway, when the Galaxy S III finally debuts.

What isn't clear is that while S Voice remains blocked now, whether after the launch of Samsung's new flagship S III, it will still remain unusable on other Android handsets. We'd imagine this will be the case, certainly if Samsung can help it.

Various other bits of software have been leaked from the S III prior to launch, including apps such as YouTube and AccuWeather, along with ringtones.


Source: The Verge