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Samsung Galaxy S3 Lands A Week Early In Dubai

Samsung's next Android flagship smartphone is due to burst onto the scene next week, but it has reportedly already arrived in Dubai.

Despite the fact that the Galaxy S III should have been out next week in Dubai, the same as with the UK, it can now be purchased over in the country for the devilish price of $666 (about £425).

The news was spilled on Reddit, where a user spotted a big "in-stores now" type Galaxy S III display in a mall shop. He went inside, talked to the staff and discovered that the store had plenty of the handset in stock - although only the marble white version (not the dark blue, sorry, pebble blue).

Other reports have indicated that the phone is on sale at slightly more, $680, so it would seem that there are certainly some folks getting hold of an S III already. Indeed, a GSM Arena reader noted that his store had actually sold out of its stock completely (but with more on the way, apparently).

The Galaxy S III has also had just a little of the shine taken off its impending launch, as the phone's exclusive S Voice feature, Samsung's Siri-alike voice recognition system, has been leaked online. Not to mention some other apps, as we reported earlier this week.


Source: GSM Arena