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Vertu Introduces Constellation Candy Smartphone Range

For all the fashionistas out there who aren't quite up to scratch with the latest technology but are still keen to show off their high-end gadgetry, Vertu is pleased to announce its revamp of the Constellation range with 11 new models.

The new series is labelled Candy and comes in vibrant colours, including "Raspberry", "Mint Green", "Tangerine" or "Pink", but is also available in more muted shades such as brown or black. The finishes are what one would expect from this luxury brand.

The new Constellation Candy handsets are available in satin or polished stainless steel, diamond trim or alligator leather, white or black, depending on the user's taste. The phone also features a large 3.5-inch HD multi-touch sapphire crystal screen, an 8MP camera and 32GB of storage.

The new Vertu range is advertised as featuring "exclusive ring tones and alerts played by the London Symphony Orchestra." Users can also benefit from Vertu's exclusive services such as Concierge, Concierge Live, Club Access, Select and City Brief. Aside from the phone, its users will also get invitations to the most exclusive Fashion Week shows.

The Constellation Candy Collection will be available in UAE, China, EU, Hong Kong, India, Macau, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Vietnam. If the previous rumours are to be confirmed, it seems that this will be the company's last Vertu collection whilst still tied to Nokia.

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