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What's Next? New Coffee Machine Brews Your Beans via Text

Proving that the possibilities for cloud technology are essentially endless, American cloud text messaging company Zipwhip has customised a coffee machine to receive orders sent via Android powered smartphones.

In the absence of a living and breathing operator, the machine - currently located in the coffee mecca of Seattle, WA - makes use of the popular Arduino open-source electronic prototyping platform.

The company announced the creation on its blog recently, saying: "You heard right, we've got a robotic barista in the house!"

Despite a flurry of excitement surrounding the invention, Zipwhip say they have no plans to promote the machine commercially.

Instead, they hope it highlights the myriad possibilities of the cloud, and their text service in particular - the system makes use of the company's own Android app.

Rather than directly profiting from the creation, Zipwhip have shared the custom Java code used to optimise the microcontroller online.

The next gen coffee maker, which is otherwise a standardised Jura brand, can also inscribe your cup of Joe with personalised messages in edible ink.

Source: Android Community

Image and Video Credit: Zipwhip Blog