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Windows 8 Release Preview To Launch 1st June?

Sources claim that the final milestone before Windows 8 arrives, known as Release Preview, should be made available for download on 1st June. With previous rumours reporting it to be released around this time, it seems that Microsoft has finished testing and may unveil the service soon.

The information comes from a well-known Windows source, Canouna, who previously leaked screenshots of unfinished builds as well as other rumours that turned out to be true. In Canouna's latest tweet, the source claims that the release candidate of Windows 8 will be downloadable from 1st June.

As previously reported, build 8400 is expected to be the build number of the Windows 8 Release Preview, a version which was leaked a couple of days ago. This contained vital information such as Microsoft's decision to add Flash support for Internet Explorer 10, the Metro client.

The bad news is that Flash has to be manually installed and users will only enjoy limited support, the plug-in rendering only some categories of content in favour of preserving battery life and maintaining security aspects.

In addition, the release candidate is expected to bring new Metro applications, including News, Travel, Sports, Calendar, Mail, Photos, People, Messaging and Reader. Most of them have received improved functionality and a couple of new features that users will certainly enjoy.

Source: Twitter