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WordPress Founder Mullenweg: 'Radical Simplification' Coming To Mobile Users

WordPress founder, Matt Mullenweg, recently shared his plans for the blogging service. Announcing what the future has in store for the platform, Mullenweg told attendees at the event yesterday that a new "radically simplified version of WordPress" will be launched soon.

With big thoughts in mind, Mullenweg took to his blog to outline the details of the "fourth phase of our evolution":

"WordPress was first for pure blogging, then became embraced as a CMS (though some people still deny this), is seeing growth and innovation in being used as an application platform (I think we're about a third of the way through that), and just now starting to embrace social and mobile - the fourth phase of our evolution."

Aiming to make WordPress much shorter, simpler and faster, he hopes to convert the world into joining the blogging revolution - not to mention the opportunity of bringing a more pleasing mobile experience to smartphone users.

"One of the things I've been working on for the past few months is a radical simplification of the interface," he said. "WordPress it's a complex tool, it's like the back of a digital SLR... but that doesn't work on a phone."

WordPress will be reaching the grand old age of 9 this coming Sunday, and with a big milestone ahead for the service, no doubt WordPress will have some birthday wishes of its own this weekend.

Source: TNW

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