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E3 Organiser ESA Defends Show Relevance

The ESA, the company behind the longstanding games expo E3, has blasted critics of the show, saying that it is still incredibly relevant.

While E3 has arguably become smaller and less necessary over the past few years, some have been pointing fingers at its continued focus on retail this year as a sign that the show is more irrelevant than ever. However, ESA has pointed to the growth of mobile and social gaming companies at the show as proof that it is still at the forefront of gaming launches and reveals.

"I disagree with broad declarations that a show which hasn't occurred yet is irrelevant," said ESA's industry affairs, Rich Taylor.

"Folks haven't even seen what's going to take place. The fact that Zynga and GREE are going to be there is reflective of a show that is very much relevant. These firms are talking specifically about mobile and social."

He also pointed out the fact that if the show was losing relevance, the ESA would be struggling to sell exhibit space. However, he said that this year the event was completely packed, suggesting that whatever detractors say, developers and publishers think otherwise.

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have all pledged to live stream much of their conferences this year, so even those that aren't attending can keep up with the action as it happens.

Source: MCV

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