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European Web Traffic Dominated by BitTorrent

A new Sandvine report has shown that in both Europe and Asia, BitTorrent traffic is topping the upstream and aggregate stats for web usage, beating traditional HTTP and YouTube viewing.

It's so advanced in the EU that it almost gathers up a third (31.69 per cent) of all uploads. P2P continues to dominate in second place, since eDonkey takes another 18 per cent. Downloads are a little different, with HTTP and YouTube coming first and second, but BitTorrent isn't far behind, taking 17.2 per cent.

These results are reflected in Asia as well, but to even more of an extreme. In that region of the world, BitTorrent traffic accounts for over 43 per cent of all uploads, and 18.07 per cent of downloads.

Conversely however, in the US, BitTorrent traffic has been on the decline, with its aggregate score at just 11.3 per cent. This is a big drop off from 17.3 per cent last year.

Sandvine puts these contrasting results down to the proliferation of affordable, effective, digital streaming and download options for the regions.

"We see higher levels of P2P filesharing than in many other regions, at least partially due to geographical licensing challenges that restrict the availability of legitimate Real-Time Entertainment services."

Since America is flush with services like Netflix, people have more legitimate ways to view their media. In Asia and certain parts of Europe however, they are far less accessible, leading to more torrenting. On top of that, the EU usually gets movies released there after the US, so residents of the union are likely to download torrents based on US film releases to be able to view it sooner.

Source: TorrentFreak

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