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Facebook Brands Become Timeline Movies

What's better than viewing your favourite Facebook brand on a static page? In movie form, obviously. This is the latest new craze adopted by the social network, after teaming up with marketing agency Definition 6 to implement a film applauding the efforts of your favourite business.

Those managing Facebook pages can now direct their own film from their brand's Timeline using status updates, pictures and videos, with the browser tool compiling a one-minute clip that "captures your good side", "parses knowledge" as well as "finds I-Remember-Whens".

"Timeline Movie Maker was a great way for people to share the stories of their lives in a creative way," explained Paul Hernacki, CTO at Definition 6. "We wanted to bring that experience to brands, further connecting brands with their fans."

Users can customise to their hearts' content, and can choose whatever music they wish as well as adorn messages and updates within the video,

In order to become have-a-go film directors, a brand's Timeline profie needs at least 50 public photos. Nine languages as well as English already have support for this feature, including Brazilian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Taiwanese and Turkish.

But don't think you can embed your videos, as they can only be shared to Facebook.

To create your directiorial debut, learn about Timeline Movie Maker here.

Source: Mashable

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