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First Signs of Microsoft Account Appear

The first pictures showing that internal testing has begun for Microsoft's transition from Windows Live ID to Microsoft Account have appeared. These images basically leak the sign-up page for a couple of services and show how Microsoft will link all web services to one another.

By the looks of it, Microsoft will use blue as the main colour for designing the Microsoft Account sign-up page, on top of a white background. The frame will probably be duplicated across other services, with images showing the SkyDrive login portal looking exactly as the one used for Account.

Simplicity is preserved on the "Reset your password" menu, where the user will have to deal with simple queries in order to retrieve its login credentials. Quoting the source, a "hint of Metro" has been thrown in to prepare the service for Windows 8.


Speaking of the upcoming version of Microsoft's OS, with the launch of Windows 8 the "Live" branding and alongside it, the Windows Live ID, will be dropped in favour for Microsoft Account.

This upcoming service is expected to unify almost all Microsoft products, with Mail, Photo Gallery, Messenger, Movie Maker, Writer, Mesh, Family Safety, Skydrive and others being included.

Changes have already begun, with Microsoft modifying Messenger Social and the Windows Live Profile by removing web activities from the Live Profiles page and by killing other informational tabs.

Image credit and source: Neowin