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Gmail Adds Welsh And Latin American Spanish To Language Support

Gmail is adding two more languages to its multilinguistic service, with Welsh and Latin American Spanish coming in the near future.

According to one of Google's product managers for its Translator Toolkit team, Chris Yang, the project was completed via Google Translator Toolkit - providing support for an impressive 100,000 language combinations. Despite it being "computer-aided", this isn't purely done by use of a machine - with human translators on hand to edit the results.

But for all those wondering why the inclusion of Latin American Spanish is suddenly making an appearance despite Spanish already being supported in Gmail, the newest addition " is designed to be a closer match to the expectations of Spanish speakers in the Americas."

Welsh users will now be able to take advantage of the service, and with a speaker base of almost a million, it makes sense when acting as a global system:

"Welsh, as a living language, is used by an increasing number of speakers, in their everyday life. For this project, we'd like to thank the Welsh Language Commissioner for working with us to make Gmail available to Welsh speakers around the world. The project was completed through Google Translator Toolkit, which is a Computer-Aided Translation tool supporting over 100,000 language combinations."

Now we just need it in lolcats - kthxbai.

Source: WebProNews

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