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Google Funds Computer Science Education In UK

A partnership between Google and the non-profit group Teach First hopes to improve the UK's computer science curriculum.

Google chairman Eric Schmidt said the tech giant would fund the training of "more than 100 first rate science teachers over the next three years, with the majority focused on computer science". The Teach First scheme sends promising graduates on a six-week training program, and then assigns them to teach in schools for two years.

Each of the teachers will be allocated funds to purchase relevant equipment and technology, like the low-cost, UK-designed Raspbery Pi, which is used in the program.

The charity aims to reach up to 20,000 students from disadvantaged neighbourhoods from the following UK regions: East Midlands; Kent and Medway; London; North East; North West; West Midlands; and Yorkshire and Humber.

"It's vital to expose kids to this early if they're to have the chance of a career in computing", Schmidt said at London's Science Museum, where Google is sponsoring a new exhibit about Alan Turing.

"While not every child is going to become a programmer, those with aptitude shouldn't be denied the chance", he added.

Source: BBC