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Google Introduces In-app Subscriptions To Android Apps

Android apps will now be able to handle in-app subscriptions through the Google Play store, Google has announced. Developers can use the service to sell auto-renewing monthly or annual subscriptions.

The feature builds on last year's in-app billing, which was created to allow developers to access new forms of revenue. The company reports that 23 of the 24 highest-grossing apps available in Google Play use in-app billing, which has reportedly generated more revenue than in-store billing.

"Developers can use [subscriptions] to monetize premium dynamic content such as journals and magazines, but they can also use them to sell access to bundled products, game levels, music and video content, value-added services, or any other digital content", wrote Google Play product manager Ibrahim Elbouchikhi in a blog post announcing the feature.

"Our subscriptions are also designed for flexibility", Elbouchikhi added.

Among the first of many developers to adopt the feature will be Glu Mobile, which will over the next few days begin rolling out custom VIP currency packages that will be usable in Frontline Commando and across the company's apps.

Source: Android Developers Blog