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Google Releases New Update For Android Google+ App

Google has announced a new update for the Google+ app for Android devices.

Revealed by Vic Gundotra, Google's Senior Vice President, in the Google official blog, the update focuses on 'polish and performance".

Users will benefit from the option to start a new hangout whilst on the go, and will be able to edit posts inline.

Google+ users can now start a new hangout directly from their mobile devices. To begin a new hangout, users will need to tap the 'Hangout' button in the new updated navigation ribbon, select some friends to invite and click 'start'.

Consumers will then be asked if they wish to ring the invitee's phones, and if someone misses the call, they can call back with a single tap.

The new Google+ update also includes full-screen media in the stream, instant actions for posts (such as +1), and conversations that fade into view.

Other improvements include; a navigation ribbon that slides in and out, the option to download photos from Google+ and make them into a wallpaper, and the ability to edit posts inline.

The new updated version, 2.6, is now available from Google Play.