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LG 55in OLED TV Priced At £6400

We've been waiting a long time to get a price on LG's monster OLED TV, and now the wait is over.

The price of the 55 inch OLED set was promised to be shaping up to be reasonable by the company when the TV was first revealed back at CES, although reasonable is a relative term when it comes to OLED. Even smaller screens are expensive enough.

It was rumoured the TV would probably weigh in at just over the five thousand pound mark, and indeed this has proved to be the case. LG has priced its 4mm thin set - with so little bezel it's apparently almost like watching a picture hovering in mid-air - at 8,000 Euros (£6,400 to you, sir, or indeed madam).

Still way beyond the reach of the average consumer, of course, but it bodes well for a few years down the line, when this sort of TV will hopefully drop into a properly affordable price bracket (when production cranks up).

And the all-important arrival date? The LG 55EM9600 was expected later this year, and will in fact land at Christmas, so it couldn't be much later. And good luck fitting the thing into an Xmas stocking, despite its svelte profile.

Samsung also has a rival 55 inch OLED set coming out later in 2012, which will battle it out against LG's effort. Plus both Sony and Panasonic are looking to team up, and build their own joint OLED effort to keep up with the Korean firms.

Source: TechRadar