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The New iPad Represents 20 Per Cent of iPads in the US

Two months after the release, the new iPad has reached an equal market share with the two-year old original iPad. Considering that the newest model is quickly climbing the charts, the veteran iPad will soon be history.

The second-generation Apple tablet is still the top dog, accounting for 60 per cent of the US iPad user base. Statistical data from Localytics, software specialised in providing app analytics for multiple platforms, shows that the new iPad has reached to 20 per cent of the American iPad owners.

The new iPad has been very popular since the launch weekend, when the device broke the previous sales records, selling over 3 million units. After four days of availability, the new iPad had already climbed to a 14 per cent share of total iPad users in America.

The new iPad has also been credited with increasing iOS browser usage.

iPhones and iPads, the top selling Apple devices, were almost equal in terms of browser usage. After the new iPad was released, the iPad category took the lead.

Source: Localytics

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