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Office 365 in Action at the Olympics

"Putting the world's greatest brands at the heart of the world's greatest sporting events" is the slogan of iLUKA Marketing Limited, a company that specialises in consultancy services to help develop and deliver coordinated strategic activations for sponsors of major sporting events. Strategic activation is an in-depth methodology to help sponsors realise their objectives from their sponsorship investment.

One project that iLUKA recently won, is to provide hospitality services for sponsors of the London 2012 Olympic Games. This has caused the company to temporarily increase its staff tenfold, from roughly 100 to over 1,000 employees, all of whom need access to email and the Microsoft Office suite. In addition, according to Tim Chapman, iLUKA's IT director, "Maximizing data security and minimizing risk are among our top priorities."

In brief, the IT business goal was to redevelop iLuka's IT infrastructure to provide approximately 900 new users with email and the Microsoft Office suite (Excel, PowerPoint and Word) for three months to help provide a high quality, secure service to the Olympic Sponsors. From an on-premise perspective, purchasing 900+ office licences, having to develop a larger more robust and secure IT infrastructure would have cost iLUKA a significant amount of investment for a comparatively insignificant amount of time due to the London 2012 Olympics being a one off event. Enter Office 365.

"Our objectives were to lessen risk within the business, cut costs during the Olympic Games and meet our clients' IT standards," said Tim Chapman, iLUKA's IT director. "Office 365 provides everything we expected. It's been a significant win for our company."

Office 365, has enabled iLUKA to quickly create an IT infrastructure that has the flexibility to add and delete employee accounts for the duration of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Substantial software licence costs have been avoided because the Office 365 office suite and email only needs to be paid for the brief duration that the staff are employed. The security components from both the Microsoft Office suite and the Office 365 data centre perspective, have also helped iLUKA meet its information security and privacy requisites for the Olympic sponsors.

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