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Rumour: Foxconn Employee Monthly Pay Could Double by 2013

A rumour has appeared on Chinese websites, suggesting that Foxconn employees in the country could receive a doubling of their pay packet, increasing it from around £220 a month, to £440.

This seems a little uncharacteristic of Foxconn, a company that drastically increased worker pay rates in 2010 after a spate of employee suicides. It also implemented anti-suicide measures like netting on the sides of buildings and a stress busting room where workers could beat up blow up bosses.

This latest report however is based on supposed comments by the company's CEO at the new headquarters opening ceremony. If true, it would make Foxconn a far more desirable place to work for Chinese labourers, despite all the deaths and injuries that have occurred at those facilities over the past few years.

It would also seem a bit of a strange move in that many companies have expressed interest in moving their manufacturing bases out of China, due to increased minimum wage levels, brought about by international pressure. For Foxconn to make a deliberate step to increase worker pay, would be a very generous move and could see some of its reputation restored.

On the other hand, this could lead to more expensive Apple products. The fanboys would still pay for it, so why not?

Source: GZDaily, via Micgadget

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