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Samsung Unleashes Galaxy Note ICS Source Code

Samsung has pushed out the source code for the Galaxy Note, once again. This time around, however, the latest version includes the Ice Cream Sandwich kernel, also known as Android 4.0.

It's good to see Samsung making the new source available not long after the device itself has been updated with Ice Cream Sandwich, allowing developers and tinkerers to get stuck in, as is their want, creating custom ROMs and suchlike.

If you fancy a play around and want to download the file, then hop on over to the Samsung Open Source Release Centre.

The Galaxy Note has been surprisingly popular since its release, given that some critics weren't particularly convinced it was a compelling offering. There's no denying that the device tries to do something different, though, with a capacious 5.3in display, and a stylus for jotting those eponymous "notes".

Whether it will still continue to sell well after the Galaxy S3 hits the market next week, we shall have to see. We wrote up a spec comparison between the Galaxy Note and S3, if you're curious to see how the two devices stack up, head-to-head.

It's also worth noting - pun not intended - that the stylus toting Galaxy has seen its price drop further ahead of the S3's release, and can now be had on O2 for £18.50 per month.

Source: GSM Arena